Speed and agility – The hallmarks of cloud computing

Market advisory and research service providers for telecommunications and information technology industries estimate that by 2019 cloud solutions would have been developed autonomic computing to such a level that would require lesser workforce. As general IT related jobs become extinct, newer job profiles with skills in API (application programming interfaces), virtualization, and automation become the norm.

How Server Storage Solutions Impact Your Business?

Practically every business entity big or small has IT related infrastructure. The changing IT environment is always in flux. It is even more so presently considering the rapid changes. It is safe to use the word maturing technologies in describing the disruption. All change is disruptive behavior. Hardware and software obsolescence in IT is an aspect that spares no one. Outsourcing as a process has come into existence to counter the effects of disruption.

How we have helped multiple PSUs and other organisations to optimise their IT infrastructure and environment

With everything driven by IT in the contemporary world, it is imperative for organisations to adopt newer IT infrastructure and technology. However, many enterprises find it hard to shift business smoothly into a scalable and an efficient new IT infrastructure, which leads to outage due to infrastructure failure and thus, cost escalation.